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Cowboy Mouth's 1998 second release (and ultimately their last with the label), on MCA Records. Mercyland features the major label release of a couple of long time CM numbers, "Why Ya Wanna Do Me?" and "Drummer Man" both of which go all the way back in CM's history to their first demo tape. Also, the Griffith/Sanchez penned "Out Of My Way Back To You" is an old song written back on the night The Gulf War (Desert Storm) broke out in a little bar where CM was supposed to be playing a show, but no one came because of the Gulf War on tv. The album is named for a band Fred used to go and see from the Athens, Georgia area called Mercyland. CM also covered a Mercyland (the band) song Tears Towards Heaven" on a previous studio album and on a previously released live album.

[edit] Performers

Fred LeBlanc (Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Guitars)

Paul Sanchez (Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Acoustic Lead on "Great Wide Open World")

John Thomas Griffith (Lead Guitar, Vocals, Piano, Hammond B-3, Keyboards, Mandolin, Dobro, Pedal Steel)

Rob Savoy (Bass, Vocals)


Mean Willie Green (Percussion Solo on "Drummer Man")

[edit] Songs

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